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Approximately 400 people have benefited directly from the Foundation’s activities, while approximately 1,500 people have benefited indirectly.

The criteria used to choose the beneficiaries are as follows:

I. In the awarding of grants: candidates are selected based on their family and economic situation. They must also successfully pass all the credits corresponding to the full academic year in which they are enrolled.

II. Grants for entities are primarily awarded to those promoted by the Foundation:

  • Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Fundació Privada (UIC Barcelona).
  • FERT Association.

The benefits and services the Foundation provides are:

  • Discounts for children of Foundation workers.
  • Discounts for having earned a distinction.
  • Special-category large families.
  • Low-income families.
  • Donation to UIC Barcelona of the right to use the grounds owned by the Foundation for teaching purposes.