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The Fundació Familiar Catalana is a private foundation and is subject to the legislation of the Government of Catalonia.

The Foundation shall be governed according to the wishes of the founders, expressed directly or indirectly in the articles of associations, the provisions laid down by the Board of Trustees and applicable laws and regulations.

The Foundation has registered offices in Barcelona, which may be moved anywhere within Catalonia.

The Foundation’s mission is to:

  • Promote, encourage, disseminate, improve and develop all manner of practical and theoretical training and education activities, both within the academic sphere, particularly at university level, and on a practical level. This will be achieved through academic, cultural and educational activities that help to enhance the technical, scientific, human and spiritual development of society at large, and Catalan society in particular, at all levels. Through teaching in all grades, as part of both regulated and non-regulated activities, the Foundation aims to provide people basic and complementary training, professional experience and an introduction to research and help them to update their knowledge in these fields.
  • Promote human rights and support institutions that recognise and defend these rights.
  • Provide services that protect children and adolescents.
  • Promote activities that support the physical and intellectual development of families.
  • Promote comprehensive training based on the notion that humans are transcendent, spiritual and free beings. All of this, with special emphasis on the values of Catalonia and its interests, culture, science, history, idiosyncrasies and language.